4 Signs a Swiss Man Likes you

How do you know if a Swiss man likes you

When you like someone there is a special feeling that comes with it. However, when you love someone, it seems the entire world bows to you. Everything will seem to be all about him or her. You will experience a convulsion down your spine or unanticipated twinge in your stomach when they look at you or when someone says their name. Love is a special thing, and it becomes treasurable when you are loved back by the one you are crushing on. Have you been crushing on that Swiss guy and just wondered if he likes you or not? Well, here are a few things you need to know;

Signs He Likes you

A New Experience Everyday

Swiss men tend to take time to open up but that should never discourage you. Make your eyes your friend. Check out if he is dynamic in his quest to win you. He can send a message when you least expected. Calls late at night when you thought he was asleep. He shows up unceremoniously. He plans ahead of time for the next date night. Makes plans for travel outdoors. He has good plans for you.

Truly Interested in You

The guy wants to know everything about you. He can remember things that are important to you. He never hurts your feelings because he knows what makes you happy and angry. He can even recollect things about your family, or things that happened in your life. He will talk about things that are to happen in a future time, as you explained to him earlier. He likes you.


When it comes to venting out, guys tend to be more reserved than women. It therefore goes without saying that a guy, especially a Swiss guy likes you if he is open to you. You will know a side of him that no one else knows. He will disclose things that perhaps he would never tell anyone in 10 lifetimes. He treats you like you are a close sister he never had. It might look like you belong to a duo gang. He really likes you.

Show Off

You can take this to the bank. If he likes you, he will not be afraid to be around you. He is more willing to introduce you to his friends and family. He is not intimidated by friends you hang around and he will join in when invited.

Actions never lie. When a Swiss guy truly likes you, you can see it all over him. Watch out for these signals and you make your verdict.

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