Architecture Spotlight #96 | Swiss Simplicity by WPArch | Seltisberg, …

Architecture Spotlight #96 | Swiss Simplicity by WPArch | Seltisberg, ...

If you want domiciles being made for close household life style, then you definitely’ll discover that “Swiss Simplicity” brings family that is comfortable to near perfection. By using simple shapes and forms and bringing them together in a unique layout that is architectural this modern-meets-traditional house provides you with the very best in every regions of design. Elements such as for example lumber, concrete, rock, & metal get together harmoniously to balance the inside pallet along with the architecture that is overall.

Located in Seltisberg, Switzerland, this home that is residential the strict Swiss construction guidelines while artistically breaking away from them. In this film, we speak with the homeowner, Tina, and the architects at Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten, about the design of this home. With the use of 3D renderings, sketches, & walkthroughs, we learn about the interior layout of this home as well as the lifestyle that is incredibly cute within.

WP Architekten the most firms that are thorough have come across in all of our travels. They take a deep approach that is holistic design and explore almost every opportunity of technology industry provides to generate and convey their some ideas.

Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten –
Cinematography & Photography by Chibi Moku –
Color Grading by Bryan Smaller
Music due to Blue Dot Sessions –

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