Explore the city of Lausanne in Switzerland

Explore the city of Lausanne in Switzerland

Lausanne is a city in Lake Geneva in Switzerland. In the country of romance and love, Lausanne is an area of national significance and heritage. For singles this place might be thrilling only if you like architecture and museums and libraries. Lausanne is a wonderful place for dating. It is also called Olympic capital. It has huge diversity in architecture and each one stands for its own history, tradition and values.

Lausanne being one of the capital destinations in Switzerland for singles to meet new engaging people and date them. Falling in love with the beauty of Lausanne and its people all happens at once. It’s how devastating and unique the capability of the city is.

You can meet new people, go clubbing and make great memories. Let me list out some of the amazing destinations for you in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Where to stay? Some of the best hotels for singles:

  • Hotel Alpha Palmiers by Fassbind (four-star hotel)
  • Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne (five-star hotel)
  • Novotel Lausanne Bussigny Hotel (four-star hotel).


Shopping in Lausanne becomes easy with so many options of departmental stores, street shopping and luxury shopping. Some shopping stops in Lausanne, Switzerland are shopping area, it’s an open-air market for groceries, vegetables and fruits, etc. then departmental store in Lausanne includes:

  • Bongénie
  • Globus
  • MANOR Lausanne.


Singles meet thousands of people in Switzerland who love engaging and interacting with new people. When it comes to the night life of Lausanne, it’s super engaging and impacting. Some clubs in Lausanne include:

  • Jagger’s
  • Chauderon 18 / No Name
  • Folklor Club
  • Buzz Club
  • D! Club


Swiss people love to interact, so ready for a date? Some of the museums are the best place to hang out and even a great spot to meet new people in Switzerland.

The best museums in Lausanne are:

  • Collection de l’Art Brut
  • The Olympic Museum Lausanne (Musee Olympique)
  • Fondation de l’Hermitage
  • Musee de l’Elysee
  • Volkswrecks Museum
  • Mudac
  • Espace des Inventions
  • Chauderon 18 / No Name


Lausanne is best known for its architecture and historic monuments. The artistic beauty of buildings and monuments worth applause. You can sit for hours exploring such a beautiful place. Monuments you must visit in Lausanne are:

  • La Suisse – Belle Epoque – paddle steamboat
  • Cathedrale de Lausanne
  • Place de la Palud
  • Sauvabelin Tower
  • Rolex Learning Center EPFL
  • Escaliers du Marche
  • Esplanade de Montbenon
  • Thai Pavilion
  • Eglise de Saint-Sulpice

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