Getting Married in Thailand

Obtaining Married in Thailand

A legal marriage in Thailand is made up of the two get-togethers registering their marriage in person with the neighborhood Thai Amphur (Civil Registry Workplace). The United States does acknowledge the validity of these kinds of a marriage. For American citizens marrying possibly Thai citizens or yet another American citizen, the process is the very same. For Individuals marrying a third-nation national, their potential husband or wife must also stick to a equivalent method with their own embassy.


1. Full an affidavit at the American Embassy. The affidavit type, offered on ask for, includes all of the information essential by appropriate Thai law. The form must be concluded and notarized at the Embassy.

2. Have the notarized affidavit translated.

3. Consider the affidavit and translation to:
Legalization Division
Section of Consular Affairs
Ministry of Overseas Affairs
3rd Ground, 123 Chaeng Wattana Highway
Tung Track Hong, Laksi District, Bangkok
Tel:(02) 575-1057-eight, Fax:(02) 575-1054

4. Just take the affidavit and supporting documents to a local Amphur and sign up yourselves as married. The Amphur will also call for the subsequent documents:
• Your American passport
• If one particular party is Thai, the Thai citizen’s identification card
• If both social gathering is beneath the age of twenty, written authorization from the mothers and fathers (with Thai translation)
• If possibly you or your fiance have been beforehand married the Amphur will want to see proof that prior marriages have been terminated both divorce or dying certificates. These documents, if obtainable, must be translated into Thai prior to presentation at the Amphur.

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