Graffiti, from Arab Spring protest to statement design

The art of graffiti has gained in popularity in Egypt since the Arab Spring. At the Swiss embassy in Cairo, artists have even been invited to redesign its walls in a show of cultural cooperation.  “Although I have been practising drawing as a hobby for a long time, the idea of painting graffiti started during the events of the January 25, 2011 revolution. Before then, I would just take part in demonstrations,” said Egyptian artist Mohamed Khalid at the start of the embassy’s six day project.  Khalid worked alongside three Swiss artists – Bustart and NEVERCREW art duo Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi – in a project that was carried out together with the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia.   Through his work Khalid tries to show that the idea is more important than anything else. For him it is the individual’s ideas that make him different from his peers and not colour, shape, gender or other differences.  As a graffiti artist there is less … Show more

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