How John Howe turns Tolkien’s words into film

Images we all have of Middle-earth are largely the creation of two men; illustrators Alan Lee and John Howe. A very down-to-earth Howe invited into his home where he talked about his inspiration and how he brought J.R.R. Tolkien’s words to life. “His face looks a little bit like mine I think,” says Howe as he shows me a Gandalf sculpture that sits on a small table in his lounge. It’s one of just a few, carefully selected objects on display in his home that show the connection between the illustrator and his most famous work, drawing the concept art and designs for the film adaptations of Tolkien’s books. To call Howe down to earth despite his integral involvement in the multi-award winning, global blockbusters would be an understatement. However, as he settles down on his sofa, dressed in jeans, a plain grey jumper and socks, there’s no hint of a Hollywood-sized ego here. Now that the final film version of The Hobbit film has come out in cinemas, … Show more

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In Switzerland, it is taken by them in turns to be president says WEF

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The ten Laws Of Alpha Male: How to Turn into an Alpha Male and Entice ...

The 10 Laws Of Alpha Male: How to Become an Alpha Male and Attract Women ARE YOU Prepared TO Turn into APHA MALE AND Dwell Life ON YOUR Very own TERMS Do you occasionally truly feel like you aren’t in handle of your daily life? Like you spend your time ...

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