Little Switzerland (Images of America) – ebook

Tiny Switzerland (Images of America)

Little Switzerland (Images of America)

This is the spot. As Heriot Clarkson sat on his mule atop Grassy Mountain in June 1909, he looked out more than a sea of mountains extending to the horizon in each path, his dreams just before him. Here was the spot for a retreat from the summer heat of the piedmont and coastal plain where basic living and nature’s beauty would combine to develop an idyllic neighborhood. But the story does not begin there. Hardy Scotch-Irish settlers moved into these identical mountains some two centuries earlier, admiring the very same views and putting down permanent roots. Pictures of America: Tiny Switzerland documents the distinctive interactions amongst native and summer time residents in operating together to build this remarkable community. The social, financial, historical, and spiritual fabric that tends to make Tiny Switzerland special amongst resort communities is presented, along with the personalities and areas that give its character.

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