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Love Sick - Love Sick

At 28, Cory Martin thought she had all of it, a career that is budding a writer in Hollywood, an apartment of her own, and a healthy obsession with yoga. But when she found herself on the floor of her apartment wailing into the phone, ‘but I don’t want to be sick, ‘ her world that is entire crashing down.

A physician had simply revealed she wanted to call were her parents that she had Multiple Sclerosis, a potentially debilitating disease, her good friend was getting married that weekend and the only people. In a time when she was supposed to be coming into her own as an adult, all she could think was who’s going to want to marry me now?

As she embarked on a quest that is medical subjecting by herself to countless MRIs and an agonizing spinal faucet that landed her within the ER, Cory simultaneously tossed by herself mind first into dating. But regardless of how doctors that are many saw or men she met there would never be a cure for MS. And you a ride to the airport, try getting him to drive you to the hospital if you think it’s hard to get the guy you’re dating to give. Add to that particular an incident that is unfortunate a blue thong and a cute young doctor, and Cory quickly realized that just as there was no concrete method to diagnose and treat the disease, there was no surefire way to find “the one.”

Love Sick is a smart and witty account of dating while navigating a life of uncertain health. Writing from a place of strength and vulnerability, Cory Martin faces her fears head on with humor and grace. Her tales are true to life and relatable. There is no magical ending and no epiphany that is grand. Instead it really is her wish to be liked and feel normal that produces her journey therefore poignant.

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