Lucerne sells itself as an ideal film location

For some people, Lucerne epitomises Switzerland. Maybe that’s because they’ve seen it so many times on TV. It’s one of the few Swiss cities to offer a complete film and TV production service. (SRF/ Tourist bosses in Lucerne know that a movie or TV show that portrays a country in a positive light can be more effective for branding than an advertising campaign. Take, for instance, films made in New Zealand and Thailand. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is thought to be largely responsible for the huge increase in tourism in New Zealand following the release of the film, and the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) put Phuket on the tourism map. Films featuring Lucerne and the Swiss Alps, including more than 200 Bollywood films over the past two decades, have attracted countless tourists to Switzerland from Asian countries in particular.  Tourism offices around the country continue to offer limited film production help, but efforts to set up a national film … Show more

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Experience Lucerne Switzerland

Experience Lucerne Switzerland

Whether you are remaining in the town it self, by the pond or up a hill, Lucerne’s resort hotels all impress through their history, architecture, interior decorating, convenience and hospitality. There is certainly many accommodation being offered, from luxury resort hotels to holiday that is simple. Book the accommodation of ...
Switzerland - Lake Lucerne - Aerial Drone Video in 4K

Switzerland – Lake Lucerne – Aerial Drone movie in 4K

Aerial drone footage from Switzerland. Please view it in 4K or HD to discover the best feasible experience. Gear: Phantom 3 Expert. Edited: Adobe Premiere and Adobe Results Soundtrack: Ross Budgen – Final Dawn Take a look at their profile to get more good tracks Duration: 00:02:59 Source: by ...
Luzern | Lucerne | Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse | Svizzera

Luzern | Lucerne | Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse | Svizzera

World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015: Talents, innovation, sustainable development: walk the talk! The Forum 2015 will concentrate on tomorrows motorist within the travel, tourism and hospitality industry: talents, innovation and growth that is sustainable. Let’s walk the talk and work together on new business models, create action plans to become ...
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Switzerland (European Countries) Vacation Travel Movie Guide

Travel video about location Switzerland. You are taken by us to the Berner Oberland and ride the Jungfrau Railway to the “Top of Europe”. We walk to the source of the Rhine and travel by train to the top of the Rigi and the Pilatus. And along the way we ...

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