Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships (3rd Edition)

Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships (3rd Edition) - marriages families and intimate relationships 3rd edition

A student-centered and practical way of learning


This guide provides prompt, practical, and high-interest information regarding marriages, families, and intimate relationships, in an engaging structure that is straightforward to utilize and study on.


Marriages, Families, & Intimate Relationships: a introduction that is practical******)discusses fundamental concepts and insights from across the social sciences. It also attempts to engage students with high- interest, useful information and to answer the questions that matter greatly to them.


A better teaching and learning experience
This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how:

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  • I mprove Critical reasoning — concerns and self-assessment assist students think critically about content, take part in class talks, making connections with their individual life.
  • Engage pupils — Student-focused features and a design that is visually appealing students interested.
  • Explore Theory — High-interest information combined with the most research that is current a sociological focus towards the text.
  • Support teachers — MySocLab allows trainers to evaluate pupil progress and adjust program material to meet up the particular requirements for the course.

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Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships (3rd Edition) - marriages families and intimate relationships 3rd edition

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