Silent outlooks

Noise barriers are his speciality. Fribourg photographer Gregory Collavini has been snapping walls since 2012. The young artist has used these ambiguous features of the landscape as an opportunity to depict his view of Switzerland, its countryside and environment.  Grey concrete, coloured, see-through, hidden in the undergrowth or covered by graffiti – the constructions all have something in common: they are designed to protect residents from annoying and harmful motorway noise.  Collavini sees this fundamentally as a good thing, but he has noticed a flipside: the partitioning and containment of the countryside. For him, the barriers are also a sign that a country is barricading itself in and isolating itself.  In his pictures, he shows sounds barriers as they are often seen in Switzerland, and the countryside is arranged or disfigured. Collavini is fascinated by “the contrast between the splendour of the architecture of these barriers and the private gardens they protect”. … Show more

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