Switzerland (Illustrated) – ebook

Switzerland (Illustrated)

Switzerland (Illustrated) - ebook - 51V6%2B8wAVxL. SL160

In Switzerland, above all other lands of Europe, is the greatness of Nature manifest. But not even the Alps can overshadow the story of her gallant individuals. The Swiss are a lot more intriguing even than Switzerland. In this volume therefore—a volume intended to give the reader who can not hope to see Switzerland some concept of its character, as properly as to guide those who hope or intend to undertake a Swiss tour—an attempt has been produced to give a brief sketch of the origins and achievements of the Swiss folks, as effectively as to describe the natural beauties of the country. To a quite exceptional extent the history of Switzerland has affected the common current of European history, partly by means of the courage of the mercenary soldiers that the Alpine communities sent abroad in olden occasions, partly vi because usually Switzerland has provided a residence of refuge for political exiles from other countries. The deeds of her men and women cannot but be interesting in every single land exactly where European civilisation rules. They have the interest not only of their essential heroism but of their close to relation to the development of other countries.

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