Switzerland Tourism “Holidays without Internet”

Switzerland Tourism "Holidays without Internet"

Switzerland is amongst the most readily useful vacation locations for the globe, with lovely places and a great amount of wonderful tasks. But with today’s hectic and lifestyle that is availability-at-all-times an individual’s entertainment suffers, even if on holiday. So, Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, customer Switzerland Tourism and production partner smly Social Media chose to assist the individuals.

High up within the hills, we discovered a cabin which had no web connection with no reception that is mobile. People could win the chance to here spend their holidays, connection free! Because the campaign had been directed at online junkies, in addition took place online, over www.holidayswithoutinternet.com On the website you saw, Sebi and Paul, the 2 mountaineers from Switzerland Tourism Advertising, sitting in the front of the laptop computers and emailing one another. Via Facebook, a person could relate to them, then your two analyzed the private Facebook profile for the individual. They commented on pictures, articles and also analyzed just how time that is much user spent on Facebook. The two then recommended those Facebook junkies holidays without internet and no phone reception that is mobile.


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