The Marriage Book

The Marriage Book - The Marriage Book

Full of practical advice, this book that is bestselling Nicky and Sila Lee is easy to read and designed to prepare, build, and even mend marriages. The Marriage Book is reading that is essential any married or engaged few. This resource details concerns like:

  • How can we be gladly hitched to 1 individual for the life that is entire?*******)
  • How do we resolve conflict?
  • How can we discover and rediscover intimacy that is sexual

The Marriage Course is a number of seven sessions, built to help partners purchase their relationship and build a marriage that is strong. It functions as a bridge involving the church and district by acknowledging the necessity to exceed the social, along with real, walls associated with church to aid partners using their relationships.

Marriage Course is simple to operate; the speaks can be found on DVD (offered individually) and every visitor and frontrunner gets a manual. If you like hosting people and have a passion for strengthening household life, you can run a training course!

Comprehensive book on marriage
Over 215,000 copies offered

Get “The Marriage Book” by Nicky and Sila Lee

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