Walking into the Alps (Travel)

Walking into the Alps (Travel) - walking in the alps travel

The 2nd version with this guidebook that is classic Kev Reynolds on walking and trekking in the Alps. This book is a definitive guide to the many thousands of possible routes, with a geographical span that ranges from the Maritime Alps of southern France to the Julians of Slovenia, from Italy’s Gran Paradiso to the little-known Turnitzer Alps of eastern Austria, and from the ice-bound giants of the Bernese Oberland to the green rolling Kitzbuheler Alps and the bizarre towers of the Dolomites of South Tirol, showing the amazing diversity of this mountain chain that is wonderful. You can find walks to match every flavor: undemanding and gentle, long and tough, and everything in between. Written by Britain’s most authority that is respected the Alps, that is a totally updated version with this important book.Ships from Vermont

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