What Is Swiss Breakfast?

What Is Swiss Breakfast?

Switzerland is famous for its long list of things, especially Swiss knives, cuisine, bank secrecy, and so on. The list is endless, but the most important thing is Swiss cuisine. Swiss breakfast is famous for being delicious and nutritious. It offers you a healthy start to the day.

Below is the list of few exemplary Swiss breakfast menus that the Swiss public likes to have for breakfast every morning.

  1. Benner Muesli (Swiss Bircher) – The Swiss population likes to start their morning with a bowl of fresh cereals for breakfast. Though having cereals for breakfast is common in many countries. Rather, Switzerland is the originator of muesli. A local Swiss dietitian named Maximilian Bircher-Benner invented muesli. The local Swiss people like to prepare muesli by drying the fruits of oat flakes. Then comes the soaking the oat flakes in fruit juice, water, or milk to consume the next morning. The Swiss people also prefer to garnish their muesli with raw nuts. So, this is how most of the Swiss people start their morning with real and fresh fruits and muesli. While few may also combine with fresh orange juice that leads you to become supercharged and active for the entire day.
  2. Gipfeli (A Name for Swiss Croissants) – Gipfeli is the name of Swiss croissants. Croissants have a neutral taste to them and are a little sweet in taste. It is the best combination with your morning coffee. They prepare Swiss croissants in homes from the regular dough. Croissants last longer, and they are easy breakfast materials for the Swiss materials. The Gipfeli are made of butter like normal croissants. Nusgipfel is the king of croissants. This is sweet in taste and made of walnut cream. For the topping, you can use glaze on top.
  3. Rösti (Potato Pancake) – This is one of the most favoured breakfast items of the Swiss people. Rösti is made out of the grating of the potatoes, and it is like a pancake. This dish has its origin in the Bern region in Switzerland. Over the years, this pancake dish has gained popularity all over the world. The best part of rösti is that you can combine it with any other breakfast items like bacon, eggs, etc. For decoration, you can use green spice or parsley that will add freshness to the dish. Another secret ingredient that makes this dish aromatic is nutmeg.
  4. Polenta – This dish has similarities to that of Bulgarian katchamak. It is a preparation from cow’s milk, Parmesan cheese, and butter. Polenta is a major food for the Italian Swiss people who belong to the Ticino region in Switzerland.

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