Winning artists to be displayed in US embassy

The United States Embassy in Bern is looking for art for its walls. Together with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia it has announced a competition for Swiss artists on the theme of the intersection between art, science, technology and the environment.  “The US government’s Art in Embassies programme enables ambassadors around the world to share an important part of  US culture,” said US Ambassador Suzi LeVine.  “For my collection I have chosen art within the theme of science, technology and the environment – a theme that in so many ways reflects the significance that both Switzerland and the US place on creativity, innovation and progress in all those areas.”  “Call for Artworks: Art in Embassies – The Intersection between Arts, Science, Technology and the Environment” will be open until May 1. All entries will be assessed by an international jury comprising LeVine, journalist Marc Bodmer from Pro Helvetia and Ariane Koek, founding director of Arts@CERN.  “Ideas … Show more

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