You can find love in Switzerland, we got your back!

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Aside its mind-blowing natural beauty, Switzerland is a land that is also known for its wide diversity in population. This is people who demonstrate unique abilities and interests. If you are a newcomer, you might at first be puzzled especially if you are seeking love. You would expect a guy to approach you, easily initiate a conversation, or even flirt with you. Things are different in Swiss land.


Switzerland and its people are unique in all aspects. Understanding what to expect is therefore the only key you need in your quest for love. You might find it difficult to find love right from start till later in your life if you negate a few things. In this society almost everyone is independent and find it difficult to intermingle with others.

Men are also conservative. Do not be surprised when no one approaches you in a bar. Even if you are the last lady standing, don’t take it personally. You are not ugly for goodness’ sake. However, the good news is that many have found love, including foreigners. As a matter of fact, stats have shown a rise in marriages between the Swiss and foreigners.

There are lots of avenues to seek and find love in this beautiful country. There are a wide variety of dating sites, superb clubs, lots of single’s events, and dating apps. Food joints and evening dance classes are also plenty.

How to find love

You can find love in Swiss land, whether with a foreigner or local.

Follow these tips;

  • Join expat networks – If interested in a foreigner, you will never run short of options. Geneva in particular is a great place to meet and mingle with expats.
  • Languages – If you desire to meet a local, learn a language, whether French, German, or Italian. Join an evening class and things will be easier for you.
  • Evening classes – These provide an excellent place of meeting new people. Enrol in a dance class or a course at a local institution.
  • Volunteer – Switzerland offers a plethora of volunteering opportunities. If you have learned a language then this is a good place to practise speaking.
  • Dating is a popular platform in Switzerland. Many have used it and found lifetime partners. You can try it out too. Just sign up here and meet other singles in your area!
  • Parties – Throw parties and invite work colleagues who may be interested. One or two of your friends might come with someone. And who knows, they might end up being a soul mate.

The rules of the dating game might have changed over time but what has remained unchanged is the appetite for companionship. You can find love in Switzerland since there are no shortages of places to venture into. The simple rule is to be prepared and be willing to fully participate in the journey.

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