Zurich MEALS TRIP! Delicious Swiss Food + World’s Oldest Vegetarian Res…

Zurich FOOD TOUR! Delicious Swiss Food + World’s Oldest Vegetarian Res...

This video clip is sponsored by Zürich Tourism. Today we will on an food that is impromptu right here in Zürich! We’ll be attempting some delicious Swiss meals, as well as striking up some cool neighborhood spots. Hope you are hungry 🍽

Watch our day that is epic trip Zürich to Mt. Titlis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2VTiZBd8vA


Cafe Schober: http://conditorei-cafe-schober.ch/
Streusel – CHF 6.80
Hiltl: https://hiltl.ch/
Lunch – according to fat
Afternoon treat (raclette): https://www.raclette-factory.ch/englisch
Raclette – CHF 13.50
Drinks: https://www.fraugerold.ch/home
Beer – CHF 6.00 each
Dinner: https://www.zeughauskeller.ch/home
Dinner – CHF 36.50 (veal) & CHF 18.50 (sausage)

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Music by https://soundcloud.com/tom-holmes-1

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